Commercial Real Estate Texas: 2017 Trends for the Dallas Office Market

slide1The job market in the Dallas area remains robust. The demand for office properties will increase as business continues to expand. This is pushing prices higher in the short term. A common trend throughout the commercial real-estate market in Texas.

In 2016 Dallas area was the nation’s fastest growing metro. The employment base in Dallas expanded by the 3.5 percent in 2016. This growth in employment was the largest in the nation. Robust economic growth in the Dallas area will ensure a steady demand for office properties over the next few years. This increased demand is pushing prices higher. Although new construction is pushing up the price of office space in the short term, in the long term the Dallas area will likely remain affordable.

Prices for commercial office space are reaching record highs, with some competitive areas reporting prices as high as 50 dollars per square foot. These record high rents reflect the economic growth in the area. New companies are establishing themselves in Dallas and they are willing to pay the increased price for office space. Improved absorption rates in the area demonstrate this fact. Office space is being leased and sold off twice as fast in comparison to the same time last year. Not only are established companies looking for new locations, but new companies are moving into the area as well.

This year 2.5 million square feet of office space was sold or leased. 1.4 Million sq. ft. of which was new construction finished in either 2016 or 2017. The availability of new office space in the area is forcing some land lords to make drastic renovations to their properties to retain existing tenants. Although rental prices this year reached a record high of 25 dollars per square foot, the availability of new construction will make the market more competitive, pushing prices down in the long run.

Speculative construction remains high and this is pushing prices higher. Similar to much of the Texas commercial real-estate market.

New premium office space is selling off quickly in the Dallas area, fueling speculative construction. The total amount of office space under construction is down slightly from last year to roughly 8 million sq. ft. However rental rates are up, with an increase of 5.4 percent year to date. Half of the new premium construction is already leased. Clearly speculative construction is paying off for developers and tenants are willing to pay higher prices. But with construction and demand remaining steady in the area the price of office space is likely to stabilize.

As with much of Texas commercial real-estate, increased supply and steady demand may cause prices to stabilize.

Dallas’ robust economy ensures the demand for new offices will remain steady, fueling further construction. As the supply of office space increases, prices are likely to stabilize from their current highs. The construction of new office space is pushing up average rental prices in the Dallas area this year. However compared to other metropolitan areas, the Dallas area remains relatively affordable. This affordability will make the area attractive to employers for years to come.

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