Commercial Lending Texas: Getting Help from the SBA in Harvey’s aftermath

4page_img7The Small Business Administration is issuing millions in emergency loans to small businesses impacted by Hurricane Harvey. What are the restrictions and how do you apply for this type of commercial loan?

The SBA is approving loans at an unprecedented rate in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. As part of the recent aid package passed by Congress, the SBA has received 450 million dollars to distribute as loans to those impacted by the storm. As of September 10th, the agency has approved 100 million dollars in loans. 8.5 million of those dollars are directed to small businesses. An SBA disaster loan may be the best option to cover uninsured damage in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Learn the restrictions of an SBA disaster loan and how to apply for one.

The SBA only approves emergency loans in areas considered directly impacted by a natural disaster. Ensure that your community is listed on the SBA website. These loans are issued directly by the SBA, so the fastest way to get approved is to apply directly on the website. Be expected to provide documentation including legal records relating to your business, detailed documentation of specific damages, tax records, profit and loss statements and lists of your current assets. The SBA may request further documentation throughout the process. After submitting the necessary documents, the agency will review your insurance coverage and determine whether you qualify for a disaster loan. In general the approval process takes 2 to 3 weeks. The SBA will may review both your personal and business credit scores. You may be required to offer principle in your business in order to guarantee the loan.

SBA disaster loans are meant to cover uninsured damages related to natural disasters including economic and physical damage. How the proceeds of the loan can be applied depends on the type of loan you apply for. The SBA issues both Physical Disaster Loans and Economic Injury Disaster Loans. Physical Disaster Loans can be applied to repairing or replacing real-estate, machinery, equipment, fixtures, inventory or to make leasehold improvements. SBA disaster loans are intended specifically for uninsured damages. However, if your property is covered by insurance an SBA loan may be applied to cover your mortgage obligations. Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) are intended as a stop gap for interruptions in cash-flow. An EIDL is meant to help businesses meet normal financial obligations which they no longer able to meet due to a disaster.

SBA disaster loans cannot exceed two million dollars. You may need to seek other types of commercial loans to repair damage to your property

The SBA can only give small businesses two million dollars in the form of disaster loans. This amount may not fully cover the damage to your business. If you suspect your damages exceed 2 million dollars, seek out additional options to help you recover.

Remember an SBA Disaster Loan is still a commercial loan.

An SBA disaster loan is an excellent option to rebuild and repair your business. But it is a loan, not a hand out. The agency considers your credit score prior to approving any disaster loan. If you suffer from poor credit, you may be denied. Another factor to consider is that you may not have the documentation needed by the SBA. You may have lost your business records as a result of the disaster. Consider whether you have a good credit profile and the necessary documentation before applying for an SBA disaster loan.

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