3 Tips For Getting Your Next Commercial Real Estate Loan Approved

timeshare resales  5It’s time to go back to the drawing board if your commercial real estate loan gets denied. These tips can help you turn that failure into a profitable success.

Your company is ambitious and looking to take advantage of a tempting real estate investment. The only problem? The business lacks the immediate capital and your most recent commercial real estate loan was denied. Don’t think that means your commercial real estate project is out of the picture. Your company has ample opportunity to rebound from this rejection. What’s the best way to proceed?

By understanding why your loan application was denied and identifying ways to change up your approach, your company is in a much better position to get an approval. Employ the following strategies to put the odds in your company’s favor:

1. Address Feedback From Previous Applications – Chances are that the lender that denied your application provided an explanation for why your loan wasn’t approved. Perhaps your company’s credit score was too low or the business’ credit history was not sufficiently diverse. Perhaps your company and the lender couldn’t agree to satisfactory terms. Either way, learning the lessons from the first application is critical toward getting the your next commercial real estate loan approved.

If your company is unable to effectively address these criticisms, then it’s important to develop a narrative explaining why these perceived weaknesses are irrelevant. Simply having a confident explanation for holes in your company’s loan application will improve your chances of getting approved.

2. Draft Multiple Promising Business Strategies – Regardless of why a lender reportedly denied your application, it almost always comes down to whether or not the lender was confident your company could successfully pay back the loan. With this in mind, it’s up to your business to do everything it can to convince a lender that they are likely to see a return on their investment. Business plans demonstrate to lenders that your company has defined path toward success.

Depending on other factors in your company’s credit history, this may not be sufficient. Devising multiple contingency plans, illustrating your ability to pay back the loan in multiple scenarios, may be enough to get your loan approved.

3. Consider A Private Commercial Lender – Instead of changing up your approach, why not just change up your lender? Traditional lending institutions like banks have plenty of capital to lend, but strict rules about who, how and when they lend it to borrowers. Working with a private lender promises more flexible options that better line up with your company’s timeline. Private hard money loans have their own advantages, so much so that it’s worth comparing your options even if you can get you loan approved by a traditional lender.

A Flexible Lender Will Help Your Company Create Success Through Real Estate

Start researching your lending options now if your company is preparing to make a major commercial real estate investment.

Don’t let your business miss out on an opportunity for lack of capital.

Local private hard money lenders are ready to facilitate your next commercial real estate investment. Reach out today to learn more about your options for rapid capital.

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