Hot Property Types in Texas Commercial Real Estate Investing

If you’re just delving into Texas Commercial Real Estate investing and you haven’t developed your niche just yet, consider these types of properties that are in high demand. Both multifamily and fix-and-flip properties are showing solid investment returns.

4page_img2-bigYes, investing in Texas Commercial Real Estate can make you a millionaire. It can also cause incredible stress and, similar to boats being known as money pits, investments can soon turn into negative cash flows. There are varying ways that investing in real estate produces income. Consider these avenues before jumping into your next or first property in order to make sure this investment will leave you in the black.

Texas Commercial Real Estate investments produce a positive cash flow when more money is coming in than going out. But these numbers have a tendency to fluctuate, making it difficult to count on. One month you’re in the black and the next month the stove breaks down. You can be sure, however, that your tenants are paying your loan down and once that loan is paid off you will be seeing a definite positive cash flow. And don’t forget about the appreciation that is occurring, hopefully, every month.

So what properties are real estate investors putting their money on and into? Multifamily rentals are definitely on the upswing. In many markets, apartments are in high demand leading to low turnover rates, high occupancy and increasing rents. This steady stream of income may cost quite a bit more than your single family home; however, an apartment with multiple units represents multiple streams of income coming from one investment. If one unit is unoccupied, there may be 20 others that are producing a steady cash flow. Other types of properties that seasoned investors are drawn to include fix and flip homes. If you find the right home, these types of investments can be very lucrative. With the current shortage of homes on the market, finding one in a high-demand neighborhood can leave you feeling fairly certain that it will not sit empty once your renovation is complete.

Hard Money Financing

If you’ve found the perfect apartment complex in a great location that just needs a little TCL to really make it shine, consider a private hard money loan. These types of loans are funded quickly, usually in a matter of days, and they do not have the stringent qualifications that many traditional lenders are bound by. These short-term loans give you the capital you need to make an acceptable offer and to fix it up and make repairs. Once it is rented out, you can pay the principal or obtain a traditional loan using the after-repair value.

A private hard money lender is a great source of capital for those in the fix-and-flip business model.

At Level 4 Funding, we provide Texas Commercial Real Estate loans for multifamily units, warehouses, industrial spaces and offices. Our short-term loans can often be extended for up to five years and we offer interest-only payments. We provide funding with limited documentation and credit scores are not our main concern. Call us to find out if we have the right loan for your next hot property.

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