The Real Deal on How to Get Commercial Loans

Commercial loans have a stricter set of eligibility requirements than personal loans. For this reason you will want to learn what it really takes to successfully complete the loan application process.

Not only are commercial mortgage loans much larger than a personal home loan but they also represent more of a risk for the lender. Very rarely are commercial mortgages backed by the federal government so lenders want to be certain that they are only providing these large loans to very qualified borrowers. In addition, businesses are more closely tied to the overall economy than personal borrowers so if the economy begins to decline then commercial loans are much more likely to fall into foreclosure. This increased risk keeps lenders very diligent when they are in the process of evaluating a loan application.

In addition to being certain that the business and the owners represent a good risk, the lender wants to be certain that the collateral on the loan, that is the building that you are purchasing, is worth the amount that you are requesting. And in most cases the lender wants you to only be borrowing about 75% to 80% of the value of the building. Because commercial real estate values can fluctuate more than residential property, the lender likes there to be a buffer of equity in the property to ensure that they have enough collateral to cover the full balance of the loan in the event of a foreclosure. So having equity in the property is important when applying for a commercial mortgage.

Cash flow of your business is another important factor that a lender will consider. As a rule they prefer to see a steady net income that is at least 20% greater than your carried debt. To verify this information, the lender will require that you submit detailed financial documents showing income, expenses and budgetary aspects of the business. They will also want to verify any assets or savings that the company has which could be easily converted to cash to cover the mortgage payments.

Know Your Personal Liability for the Loan

In addition to the financials for the business, you as the owner will also need to submit documentation demonstrating your creditworthiness. In the event that the business fails or is unable to pay the commercial loan, then you will be the guarantor on the loan as the owner of the business. Your credit score, income, assets and debts can all come into play when your business is seeking a commercial mortgage. In addition, all other owners must be prepared to submit their personal financial documents to secure the loan.

Do Your Homework and Know the Expectations before You Apply

As a business owner you are truly tied financially to the business for many years. It is not until the company has been operating successfully for over five years that it can begin to stand on its own from a financial aspect. Until that time, you will need to have a good credit score of over 700 and a strong financial history to be approved for a commercial mortgage.

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