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Your business credit score is a vital factor impacting your ability to secure a commercial loan in Texas. Learn some strategies to improve your business credit score.

A beautiful woman holding a business cardYour business credit score can be more important than your personal credit score when it comes to qualifying for a business loan. According to the Federal Reserve, 45 percent of small business borrowers were denied loans because of their credit score. Having a low or even non-existent business credit score will put you into a bad position, forcing you to pay higher interest rates and accept less favorable payment terms. Learn some steps to build your business credit score and strategies to help you establish your credit.

It is vital that you regularly check that your information is current with all reporting agencies. Each business credit reporting agency uses a different strategy to determine your score, so check your score with all three major agencies ( Dun and Bradstreet, Equifax and Experian), at least quarterly. Carefully review your credit report, takes steps to correct any errors and consistently update the information each agency takes into consideration. That way you can ensure that whichever score a potential lender takes into account, your business credit score will be accurate.

There also certain steps you may not be aware of that can help you improve or establish a good business credit score. You should ensure that your vendors consistently report your payments to credit reporting agencies. Paying your vendors on or ahead of time is an excellent way to improve your score. Even if your vendors don’t report to an agency regularly you can still cite them as a trade reference on your credit report. Similarly you should ensure that your lenders actually report your payments to credit agencies. This is vital, as you want your on-time payments to be reflected in your score.

Some other ways to raise your business credit score

FICO-Score-Card-150x150The strategies outlined above are meant to help you consider issues you may not have been aware of. Knowing that each reporting agency calculates your score differently and that your payments to vendors (not just lenders) are reflected in your score are distinct factors taken to take into account with a business credit score. But strategies that improve your personal credit score are also applicable. Obviously you want to pay your debts on, or ahead of time in order to maintain your score. Credit utilization is also a factor, so you may consider getting a business credit card to help you establish your score. However keep the balance of these cards at 20 to 30 percent of the credit limit.

Your business credit score will impact the type of commercial loan you can obtain

Your business credit score will determine how much you pay in interest and the terms of any loans you may take out. It is important therefore that you keep your information up to date with all major credit bureaus, document your vendor relationships and ensure that your lenders actively report to credit bureaus.

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