Does President Trump Have the Minerals to Say NO? Is he a Phony? Did he Lie to us?

We are again approaching a milestone in our history that will define us for the future. I’m not talking about some stupid Russian Investigation or Melania’s Shoes, or some other meaningless historical insignificant event.

What is about to happen in the next few weeks is that there is going to be another increase to our huge, very massive debt load on the United States of America. The looming debit crisis is about to hit the center stage of controversy on all the news media.

There is a massive gorilla in the room folks, and it’s just about to wake up.

We are rapidly approaching 20 Trillion Dollars in debt, a number that I cannot truly understand.

According to the Donald, 20 Trillion is the tipping point to financial ruin. It’s the point where everything will fall apart and we will enter an economic apocalypse like we’ve never seen before. (At least that is what he said during the election). It’s when the world will wake up and realize that the USA is bankrupt and has no chance of ever getting out of the death spiral of financial failure.

So will the Donald fix the problem? Put a stop to this insanity of destroying our children’s and grandchildren’s future, with no hope of ever making America Great Again?

I really don’t know, but I do know something, and that is 2+2=4. You can bank on this information. This is a mathematical fact that will never change.

Now you need to ask yourself this question……..

What Does 20 Trillion Debt = Banana? Happiness? A Better Way of Living? Good future?

The answer is   …… it equals a Whole Lot of Misery, Pain and Depression like we’ve never seen before.

So will the Donald say NO? Is it time to stop this path to ruin? We will see in the next few weeks if he has the Minerals to Fix America. After all, if we have a financial collapse like we have never seen before and we are in some epic depression, who’s going to care about what shoes the Donald’s wife wears?

Let’s see what’s going to happen, in the next few weeks; we will see if the Donald will do what he promised and why a whole bunch of the quiet majority voted for him to do.

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