Differences Between Residential and Commercial Mortgages Texas

What are the key differences between a commercial and residential mortgages Texaxs and how can they impact you as a small business owner? Learning these differences can help you develop a strategy to secure the financing you need.

Understanding the nuances of the commercial versus residential real-estate markets can give you as a business owner a better strategy and help you manage your expectations about the lending process. Commercial properties are valued differently and every commercial property is different. Unlike a house, where the value is determined using comparable sale methods, commercial properties are valued based on how much investors in the area are willing to pay for the potential income generated by the property. Therefore commercial lenders are not lending based solely on the value of the property, but on your ability as a business owner to generate income. Lenders know each business carries different amounts of risk. These factors impact the amount you’ll need to borrow for your mortgage, the time it takes to qualify and the way your mortgage is repaid.

Consider the context of the commercial property you are attempting to finance. Is it located in an office block? A strip-mall? Is it a big box anchor store? Whatever the case, each type of commercial property differs in its potential to generate income. Lenders will consider this, perhaps even more than your credit score, so it is important to have a well-thought out business plan detailing how you intend to make money in your new business. Additionally, know your area. Commercial lenders tend to make loans to finance properties in local markets where they know how much investors are willing to pay for commercial properties. Have a sense for how much comparable properties are selling for in your area to get a sense of how much you may need to borrow.

Financing a commercial property is considered riskier and this greatly affects the terms of the loan and the time it takes to qualify. When financing commercial properties lenders realize that they are lending to businesses and not individuals. They assume paying your residential mortgage will be your first priority. Therefore these types of mortgages are considered riskier. The loan terms are usually shorter and the interest charged is often higher. The greater risk assumed by the lender with commercial mortgages Texas means that lenders generally prefer a higher down payment on these types of loans. Consider re-financing your house to get additional money before applying. These types of mortgages are also highly specialized and the time it to qualify will vary depending on the property. C-loans recommends allowing yourself four months before you can expect your loan to be approved.

What does all this mean?

Understand that commercial real-estate is valued differently than residential real-estate. Know the type of property you are seeking to finance and be sure you understand the local real-estate market. Assume the terms of the loan will be less favorable, expect to pay a higher down payment and expect to wait a long time before your mortgage is approved. Knowing these key differences between residential mortgages and commercial mortgages Texas will give you a better understanding about the process.

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