Hard Money Loans in California Just One Way To Get Your Pot Business Started

Federally insured financial establishments are not allowed to work with pot dispensaries but if you want to get into the business, you have to get your money from somewhere. Hard Money Loans in California are one option, but there are others.

It probably still sounds strange to some, but depending on how you do it and which state you live in, it can be legal to sell marijuana. If the media has taught us anything, there is some serious cash to be made in legalized pot. However, since the federal government does not recognize it as legal, federally insured financial institutions are not allowed to approve loans for marijuana dispensaries or even take deposits from them.

how to get rid of a timeshare  19So—does this mean you have to be already independently wealthy to open a pot dispensary? Of course not! There are ways to find the money. Hard Money Loans in California are a common method, but they are far from the only option available.

Options Other Than Hard Money Loans in California For The Pot Industry

Hard money loans can be obtained to get the capital you need to get started, but what if the terms are not that friendly and you have already hit up every other hard money lender in the area? Are you screwed? Is this guy dictating such terrible terms because he knows you are screwed?

You aren’t, of course. But it will get a little more challenging to find your funding. The following are a few options:

• Friends and family: It can be embarrassing and hard to ask your friends and family to invest. Doing so certainly comes with an element of risk (how do you tell your brother to quit sticking his nose in the business when he put up $50,000?), but your family and friends are less likely to charge you an insane amount of interest.

• Attend industry events: If you want to find someone who is pro-marijuana and could be interested in investing in a dispensary, attend a trade show, conference, or some other kind of gathering. They wouldn’t be there if they were not interested, and if they don’t have the money to invest, they may know someone who does.

• Private equity funds: This will probably not work if you are trying to get started, but if you are established, have a brand, and want to expand, private equity firms are becoming interested in the market and may be willing to strike a deal.

• Foreign investors: According to some cannabis industry insiders, there have been some Chinese investors making waves in Oregon of late. The talk is just being classified as “rumor” for now, but if you are running out of options, it is something to keep in mind.

There Are Always Options…

If you want to get into the business bad enough, but don’t want to sell your soul to get approved for any Hard Money Loans in California, there are options out there. You just have to look for them and be open to the possibility.

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