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By now, you more than likely know that just about every kind of real estate or property deal can utilize hard money loans. California based lenders that offer hard money financing, moreover, are more than willing to work with borrowers to ensure that whatever the goal is, there is proper financing.

Hard money, in many ways, is looked at as the saving grace of the lending industry. Of course, that is not to say that many people do not harbor some animosity towards hard money loans. California lenders, nevertheless, want borrowers to know that despite the disadvantages hard money financing can still be the helping hand you need.

img5For instance, if you are looking for commercial property financing or residential financing, you definitely can use utilize hard money loans. California lenders, in fact, offer a variety of niche programs within both categories. Ultimately, these sub-categories will allow all kinds of real estate deals to happen that normally would not if the borrower went with a traditional lending institution. Moreover, you can utilize hard money financing for land deals and new construction, which just goes to show the versatility of hard money financing programs.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that just because hard money financing can be used for a multitude of projects and real estate deals does not mean it is always the best choice. In other words, there are specific scenarios in which hard money is the best possible choice. For example, you more than likely are aware that fixing and flipping houses is a lucrative business that involves the need for quick and short-term financing. Thus, it should be no surprise that one of the best time to use hard money financing is in such situations where financing is needed fast. This is also the reason that hard money financing is great for construction loans or renovation projects.

How to Evaluate your Eligibility

When dealing with hard money financing, your lender is most concerned about the collateral you are providing. Typically, your collateral is the equity in your property. Thus, in order to evaluate your eligibility, you need to understand the value in your soon-to-be-purchased property or land. If you are looking for additional funds to upgrade a property then you need to know the projected added-value of the property upon completion. It is also important to keep in that your eligibility can be affected by your intended purpose for the property, as most lenders understand that your ability to pay back your loan is often based on what you plan to do with said property. Lastly, it helps to work with the right lender for your particular venture or project; by doing so, you will be to ensure that your vision is understood and thus more likely to be given the greenlight.

Quick Note on the Pitfalls

As briefly mentioned, there are disadvantages to hard money financing such as the higher interest rates and the shorter loan terms. But, if you choose your venture or next home wisely, these pitfalls should not deter you from utilizing this particular kind of financing.

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