Commercial Real Estate Loan? Things To Consider BEFORE Prepaying

There are different types of stipulations you have to
follow if you are thinking about applying for a commercial real estate loan. In this brief article you will learn
about how prepayment may affect the way your loan is handled.

No one likes having loans. Well, no one likes having
to pay off loans over a long period of time. For most people that invest in a commercial real estate loan, however,
are usually locked into a fixed rate of interest. Based on this agreement most
lenders will allow you to pay off to 20 percent of your commercial real estate loan each year. For the business owners that
do not follow that rule, there are some penalties that you may face.

It may seem like a weird way to calculate, believe it
or not, many business and homeowners do can do this without even realizing it.
For example, say you have a home that you are using to rent out to tenants.
After which you decide that you want to sell the property you could potentially
pay off your loan. Refinancing is another way that many people pay off their commercial real estate loan in full, as
well. You do, however, end up with another loan on top of that. Once this
happens you will have penalties that follow.

you do decide to prepay your commercial
real estate loan
may run into more than one roadblock

When it comes to prepayment penalties there are two
different types that you may face. They are called soft and hard penalties.
When a lender allows a soft prepayment penalty option you are able to sell the
asset your mortgage is based on. However, if you do decide to refinance it then
you have to will receive prepayment penalty.

On the other hand, if your lender gives you a hard
prepayment penalty in your agreement it is a little harsher.  In this case, if you were to sell your
property or refinance it you would receive a prepayment penalty either way.
With this type of prepayment penalty, it makes it harder for an investor that
may want to back out of their business.

are things you can do to soften the prepaying blow that your commercial real estate loan throw you

Defeasance is something that may help you with the
prepayment penalties that come with your
commercialreal estate loan. Defeasance is defined as an action that reduces and
eventually nullifies what you have to pay. Usually, the institution that you
are dealing with will have to review your assets and decide with you are able
to use as collateral to cover the penalty on your
commercial real estate loan.

Once that collateral is sold the borrower receives
government securities so thereafter they can sell or refinance their property.
Usually, this can take a little over a month to complete, however, it is
possible to ask for a quicker sell. If you do decide to speed up the process,
however, you do have to pay a premium for expedition services.

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