The Big Show is Coming to Town.

do it…it’s a big mistake flipping homes can cost you a lot of money

Every week the house flipping circus comes to town and
advertises on the radio about how to make money flipping homes.  They offer their free 90 minute seminar conveniently
located in the valley.  

“Learn from the
expert” and they promise that they can tell you “how to make money flipping
Have you heard them? 
The latest one is from Than Merrel, correct that his name, and he been
on the radio all week.

I’ve been to many of the seminars, though the past few
years, but they all have one thing in common. 
They want to hook you in and give you extensive training,
and you can become a master mind expert.   
The last time I check the total cost for becoming a Master Mind is
around $45,000. 

I know they are in town because I start getting calls for
Hard Money Loans.  They been told that we
will give the a loan at 8% for 100% financing, and I know that you being a real
estate pro that this not possible. 

What I usually do is politely tell them that this is not
possible and start to chat with them about their training  from the Master Minds and then during the
conversation they ask we what they should do about making money in flipping
homes.  Then I tell them the truth which
is, before you get into flipping homes get your Arizona Real Estate
License.  You are going to need it to
flip homes, access to ARMLS, ability to find and flip your own deals is
important.  Sitting though real estate
school for those 60-80 hours and you will learn more about real estate then those
Master Minds can teach you.

I recently had a young millennial to my office and wanted
to talk to me about flipping homes.  This
first thing I told him was whatever you do, don’t pay for those $45,000 training
classes, then he turned really read and started to sweat. I realized I made a
mistake and said please tell me you did not do this?  He said he did, and then we started working
on how he can get his money back, which he did. 
He eventually went to Westford Schools met Skip (did you train with
Skip) for training and got his license.

So my advise is if you want to be a successful flipper,
first get your real estate license.  (You
probably knew this already.)

Dennis Dahlberg

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