4 Ways People Who Successfully Fix and Flip Arizona Properties Think Differently

4 Ways People Who Successfully Fix and Flip Arizona Properties Think

We were lucky enough
to speak with Jenna Jacques, who specializes in fix and flip Arizona real estate properties. In this second part of
a four-part series, we’ll reveal some of her keen insights that have led to her

Just moments into the interview with Jenna Jacques, it
became clear that she’s not only a woman who has a deep comprehension of what
it takes to fix and flip Arizona
properties successfully, but her persistence and unfailing optimism lend
themselves well to the business. As a licensed realtor, she has more than 40
home sales under her belt so far this year, and they’re a fair mix of
traditional sales and houses she rehabbed. Ms. Jacques was kind enough to share
some of her experiences with us, so that newcomers to the trade can benefit
from the knowledge.
1. They plan and
build a solid foundation before they start.
“A person really needs to know
what they are getting into before they want to call themselves a flipper,” Ms.
Jacques explained. There is a lot involved in the process, and you have to be
prepared for each challenge you’ll face. Before she began, she and her husband
worked several jobs for more than a year to build up a cushion. Rather than
paying for a gimmick or an online get rich quick scheme, she also took the
initiative to learn the ins and outs of the industry on her own.

2. They don’t settle
for something just because it appears to be a good deal.
Throughout her
years in the industry, the seasoned
flipper has come to the conclusion that the best deals are the ones she finds
on her own. She also advises people not to purchase a rehab property out of
anxiousness, but to wait for the right property, and to do the necessary
research to know it’s really a good deal before getting started.

3. They know how to
select reputable people to work with, and also how to protect themselves when
even “reputable” associates fail.
Even though Ms. Jacques is an open book,
when asked about deals gone bad, she acknowledged, “I had a wholesaler try to
take advantage of me and go behind my back to make a quick buck.” While the
loss would have been costly, her experience and expertise paid off, and she was
able to take the steps necessary to protect herself. Ms. Jacques added, “In
this industry you have to be able to stand up for yourself and not be

4. They’re prepared
to be the last man (or woman) standing.
Unfortunately, it’s difficult to
find reputable and trustworthy people to work with, and even people who fix and flip Arizona properties on a
regular basis wind up holding the bag at the end of the day. “I have been
through so many painters and people who only half finish the job,” explained
Ms. Jacques, “but at the end of the day you have to be able to have the
backbone to just keep on at it.”

You Can Make Your Dreams Come True, 

Even if You Don’t Have a Background in
Fix and Flip Arizona Real Estate

Ms. Jacques’ story is truly inspirational for those who are
considering trying to fix and flip Arizona properties. Her humble beginnings serve as proof that anyone with
the right attitude can be successful. Like so many others, she always had an
interest in home rehabs, and relished in exploring the before and after photos
produced by experts in the industry. Though she held two masters degrees, they
were in nursing and administration, so she pursued nursing as her career, and
only dabbled in real estate for several years. Ms. Jacques explained that the
major catalyst in her decision to begin rehabbing homes came when one of her
twin daughters was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder. Her nursing
administration position couldn’t accommodate the time she needed to take off
work for appointments, and despite having medical insurance, bills began
mounting. “This is when I decided we would take the risk and hope for the
best,” she continued. “What else could a parent do in a situation like this?”
Of course, Ms. Jacques isn’t just taking care of her family and making her own
dreams come true, her expertise has enabled her to improve the lives of many
people, as can easily be seen by her perfect five-star
rating on Zillow

Resilience goes a long way to becoming successful with fix and flip Arizona
properties as well.

While “resilience” seems to be the buzzword of today, it
sincerely applies here. The passion for the business that Jenna Jacques conveys
is absolutely contagious, though listening closer to her stories, you’re sure
to catch an underlying theme. Each and every time she faces adversity, she’s
prepared and bounces back. If you can capture her spirit and enthusiasm for the
business, you, too, just might have a future in home rehabs.

Want to learn more about Jenna
Jacques or get in touch with her? Visit her on Facebook or at JennaJacquesHomes.com.

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