Timeshare Cancellation: More People Get Out Of Time Sharing Every Day

Want to have a fabulous
fulfilled vacation at beautiful resorts and all for a reasonable price? Well
how about buying a . . . timeshare or should I say a timeshare scam.

Don’t think for a
minute I’m endorsing time sharing because I’m not. Frankly I believe for most
people timeshare is a big burden that can last a lifetime and not all but some
people that buy a timeshare wake up and send a timeshare cancellation letter
and notify the timeshare company to cancel my timeshare.

The timeshare industry
is a billion dollar timeshare scam that is perpetrated on the average couple
throughout the world.

Today there are so many
timeshare scams, yet everyday people still fall for the timeshare sales pitch
thinking that they are investing in a piece of real estate. Why? Because for so
many years, that’s the way timeshare scams were pitched. They told people time
sharing was a good investment.

With that said, let me
say, when time sharing first started it was not a bad thing; and back then
there was never any talk about a timeshare cancellation because the people that
brought time sharing like it and time sharing worked.

However, what timeshare
started out as being, has changed drastically over the years. Many years ago
when timeshare was in its infancy it was good and no one would call it a
timeshare scam. Back then, the timeshare concept was that, you were buying into
fractional ownership in the resort property itself.

So let’s say, you bought
one week at a timeshare resort. You as an owner, owned one week out of the 52
weeks in a year and other people would own the other weeks, so all the owners
would own a fraction of the property, sounds nice.
There’s nothing bad
about that, however, it was not like the timeshare scams of today. Back when
timeshare started, everyone like it and there were no lies told by the
timeshare sales people, no high-pressure selling and no one ever thought about
doing a timeshare cancellation.

If a resort has many
condominiums on their property, the owning one week out of 52 scenario goes on
and on for each unit in the complex. You can see how the money adds up for the
resort owners, can’t you?

There is a lot of money
to be made by owning a timeshare resort and it has made billionaires out of
some people. So I guess, its just human nature when there is so much money to
be made, that the timeshare scams of today had to slowly evolve.  

And thus came the
timeshare cancellation advocates service. If you own a time share and have
owned your timeshare for a number of years, you remember back when the weeks
that were sold as Red, White and Blue weeks.

Of course the Red weeks
were more expense and were the ones that were pushed by the timeshare
salespeople to the public buyers.

The higher the price of
the week that you buy, the more commission that goes into the salesperson’s
pocket. Also because the Red weeks were blocked off on the resorts yearly
calendar, the Red weeks were more conducive to vacationing families. It was
these weeks that was more sought after and of course could be traded more

But then, what happens
over the course of a resorts selling lifespan, is that the resort ends up with
only White and/or Blue weeks left to sell. Less desirable weeks.

The resort becomes
known by the timeshare salespeople that work there and in the industry, as a
resort, not have any good inventory to sell. The resort starts to lose their
salespeople to greener pastures where other timeshare resorts have better
inventory, more desirable weeks that people want to buy.

It’s no secret that the
new money that is brought in to the resort from new sales is the life blood of
the resort, and resorts that do not have a steady influx of new money, start to
deteriorate in upkeep from lack of funds.

So the resort has to
start making repairs to the property by tapping into their present owners
pockets in the way of assessments. Thus the timeshare owners are not happy
because they can get a big bill for costly assessments anytime the resort
owners feel it is appropriate.

The timeshare owners
start to realize new amenities that were promised and projected to be in future
building plans for the resort, in the initial timeshare presentation are not
coming to pass.

At the same time,
buyers start to learn that trading is becoming harder, if not impossible to get
to place you want. So the buyers are now beginning to see their dreams of
vacationing around the county or around the world, slowly dying on the vine.

Also since timeshare is
a purchase that is made for a lifetime, buyers keep getting tapped for the big
maintenance fees, which keep going up and many people get to the point in life
where they can no longer keep up the maintenance fees.

If you own a timeshare
and feel you have been involved in a timeshare scam and/or would like know how
cancel timeshare we can help.

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