The Exchange Anywhere, Timeshare Scam

Creates Timeshare Cancellation

Today, let’s talk about, how timeshare scams are creating a lot of timeshare cancellation. Each week, many people call us and ask how to write a timeshare cancellation letter, because they got into some kind of timeshare scam.
Let’s start with saying, to get the most benefit from timeshare ownership, an owner must learn the rules for successful timeshare exchanging. Unfortunately, many timeshare owners learn the rules only after they try and make an exchange and this leads to a lot of unsuccessful exchange attempts and after that many timeshare owners have soured on timesharing and this creates a lot of people who want to get a timeshare cancellation.

Of course, what the timeshare sales people tell the buyers is, one of the most attractive features of timesharing is the capacity to exchange a timeshare week for a week at a different timeshare at different times and locations throughout the world.

What the timeshare sales people don’t tell the buyers is that many timeshare owners can’t get the timeshare exchange they want. This usually happens when the timeshare owner either doesn’t understand how the exchange system works, because the timeshare sales people didn’t tell the buyers really how the timeshare exchanging system works.

In the end, when the timeshare owner is unsuccessful in making an exchange, they become very disillusioned and most often, upset about buying timesharing and this is where the words timeshare scams start to get used. That is one of the reasons that so many people ask us how to write a timeshare cancellation letter.

Ways To Exchange Your Timeshare Scam

Some of the ways to make a timeshare exchange are: Direct exchanges with other timeshare owners; this means exchanges within a resort owners group that provides the timeshare exchanges as part of the timeshare membership; and then there is the exchanges completed through companies that arrange exchanges.

Owner To Owner – Direct Timeshare Exchanges

Direct exchanges occur when two timeshare owners agree to trade the usage of their week(s) with each other. This almost never works out good and again, this is where we start to hear the words timeshare scam.

The real disadvantage of direct timeshare exchanging is the difficulty in finding and contacting other owners to make these kind of exchanges.

A second approach timeshare owners use is to exchange is to contact the resorts into which they would like to exchange to and find out if there is a way to contact owners about making a direct exchange however be warned this again, almost never works like many timeshare sales people say it does. After a few times of this not working many timeshare owners start to think about how to cancel my timeshare.

Exchanges – Timeshare Clubs

Today, any timeshare companies own multiple resorts in different locations. Often, these programs have been structured specifically to make it easier for timeshare owners to exchange timeshare week(s) at different resorts.  

In many vacation timeshare clubs this is the only way you can obtain a week(s) to use. In some cases, these exchanges are free; in other cases the resort charge an exchange fee, which by the way, are going up and up in price.

We hear so often from timeshare owners that, “the timeshare sales people who sold us the timeshare told us that the fees would not go up so now, we want to cancel timeshare”.

The Timeshare Sizes

When talking about timeshare exchanges of course, some timeshare weeks at some resorts will for sure, be a higher demand than other weeks. Also, the timeshare unit sizes and amenities will vary and again, be a higher demand than others.

For the exchange program to be successful, the owner of a high value timeshare week, will expect to have that value recognized in some way in the timeshare exchange program.  

We have talked about timeshare points before in this blog but I want to say here, that exchange programs that do not use points often limit the ability of owners of less desirable units to trade up by limiting exchanges to units of like value.  

Because the details of timeshare exchange will vary greatly among resort groups, you should always contact the resort to find out the full details about that exchange program.  

One thing to remember is that, if the exchange program operates using points, you will know exactly how many points you are entitled to receive based on your ownership, and also always, find out how many points are needed to complete certain types of timeshare exchanges.

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