Timeshare Cancellation – How Do I Cancel A Timeshare?

People usually go to a timeshare presentation
with the 
expatiation’s of getting something 
but by the end of the presentation, they are usually worn out by the sales
pressure that
they were subjected to
during the sales pitch, which in most cases, goes way beyond the ninety minute
time frame that was promised to them when they agreed to go to the presentation
in the first place.

I don’t know of very many
people who go on their vacation with the grand hopes of purchasing a timeshare
week(s) while they are vacationing.

But many people get talked
into going to the presentation to get what free gift the resort is offering,
and after sometimes many hours later, they agree to buy what the timeshare resort
is offering.

Negative News

For the most part, most the news we hear is negative,
all you have to do is listen to the TV news and you know what I mean.

However, when you are at one of those timeshare
presentations, you are bombarded by so much positivity
about how the timeshare resort is going to make your life so much better by letting you vacation at beautiful resorts all
over the globe at a very reasonable price. All
you have to do is sign on the dotted line and the world is yours.

So many people are suck
into the sale pitch only to find out later it was not all it was hyped up to

But many times, this
realization only comes after the legal timeshare cancellation period
has expired. This is when, the timeshare buyer feels like it is hopeless to do
anything about getting a timeshare cancellation and that they are virtually stuck with the
timeshare the rest of their lives.

We call it a lifetime of servitude where the timeshare week(s) owner
is subject the whims of
the timeshare resort owner(s) whenever
the resort owners want to make changes or
improvements to the timeshare resort and they
are free to dig into to timeshare owners wallets whenever they desire.

If the timeshare week(s)
owner ever want to get out from under the burden of the timeshare week(s) they
have purchased, they usually first contact a timeshare resale company.

What a scam that turns out
to be! Let me give you some good advice right now. Please don’t ever try to use
one of those timeshare scam resale operations. They are complete

Even though you were told
when you first bought your timeshare that you were buying real estate and it could
be sold like real estate because it had the same type of appreciating value,
don’t you believe it.
When it comes to reselling your timeshare
vacation week(s) you will quickly find out that it is worthless and no one wants to take on your lifetime of servitude debt. That will even be passed
on to your children. Believe me, they won’t be happy about that!

What Else But Timeshare
Ownership, Does This To Someone?

If you buy a house and
then want to sell it, you just put it on the market. No problem. If you live in
the house for a lifetime and then pass it on to your children, and they decide
to sell it after you’re gone, they just put it on the market. Again no problem.
But not so with timeshare vacation ownership!

The timeshare scams, “resale” are
abundant out there. And every day they are fleecing timeshare owners with a big
pack of out and out lies.
Many times a timeshare
resale company will even solicited timeshare owners and try to talk them into
signing up with them to get out from under the timeshare debt.
All the timeshare owner has to is, pay them thousands of dollars and
they will make sure some other person will take over your payments and/or
maintenance fees and then you are free and clear.

We get phone calls all the
time from people who have fallen for a timeshare resale scam pitch and now need
help to get out from under that debt as well. Using a timeshare resale company
is like “jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.”
However, if you feel that
the weight of timeshare payments and maintenance fees are
becoming too much for you and you need to find a way to get out from up
under that lifelong timeshare debt, be
encouraged there is help for you. 
Even if your timeshare is
past your timeshare cancellation period, or years past your
timeshare cancellation
period there is help you.

I’m talking about people
who know the timeshare industry inside and out and can help you with your timeshare cancellation.

If you need help with a timeshare
cancellation, we are the Timeshare Cancel
and we know the ropes of the timeshare business very well.

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