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The company Beretta is reall well-known by those who love
guns, but for those, who don’t, here is a couple of facts about them. How did
they start and how long ago? Believe it or not, Beretta firearms started over 500 years ago in Italy! What other
gun company do you know about that has been around for five centuries? The
first recorded transaction of firearms came in 1526, Bartolomeo Beretta began
his small business with big dreams for the future. Beretta firearms were used in both World Wars, by law enforcement
officials, and by personal firearm owners for hundreds of years and are still
used everyday now. Beretta is a family-owned company with a rich tradition of
excellence and a commitment to quality. It’s no wonder that with all this
experience under their belt, they are still the leader in the firearm industry.
Along with a rich history, they have grown in popularity by
selling a wide variety of firearms. A few examples of Beretta firearms go are as follows: assault rifles, machine guns,
pistol machine guns, and launchers. While many people may know what they are,
but they probably don’t know much about them nor did they know that Beretta
sold them. Beretta has made some significant strides in firearms in nearly
every department.
Beretta Firearms are
the best of the best.
Remember that quote by Will Smith in the movie, The Men in Black, when he says “these
are the best of the best, sir!” I still love that quote. Anyway, back to
Beretta. You may not know of the quality of Beretta firearms. Obviously, they are good. They’ve been in
business for over 500 years, they’ve got to be good, right? Think of all the
experience they’ve gained over the years! The R&D department consistently
find new advancements in the firearm industry. Beretta is constantly taking
advantage of technological advancements and other improvements that become
For all you gun enthusiasts who don’t know about Beretta firearms, I invite you to do
some extra research on Beretta. You might surprise yourself after having
researched their company, even if it’s only for a brief amount of time.
Beretta CX4 Storm available in 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP
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