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Beretta Firearm

It’s no surprise Beretta
has experienced such immense success over the years. With humble
beginnings in Italy nearly 500 years ago, they have proven their excellence in
quality and value. In 1526, Bartolomeo Beretta, a gunsmith from Gardone Val
Trompia, Italy, was the man who started Beretta. One of the most amazing facts
about this company is that Beretta have always been family owned for over 500
years and counting. They have been around longer than many other companies–let
alone industries! With all of their experience in producing firearms and
products relating to guns, this has to make them one of the front runners in
the firearm industry today as we know it.
You might be surprised to learn that Beretta firearms played a significant role in both World War I and
World War II. Their firearms and products were supplied to the Allied forces
(including Italy, of course) in World War I and through most of World War II
until they were seized from Germany and its Axis powers. Beretta firearms were very destructive and were very reliable to
those who had their hands on them. Some of the firearms found in trenches and
dug-outs from WWII years and years later still worked spot-on. That kind of
quality simply cannot be matched!

Beretta Firearms:
Still a Family Owned Company

Not surprisingly, the Beretta men kept the company in the
family. This tactic has proven to be extremely successful for them and also
satisfying for their customers. Today, the owner of Beretta is a man by the
name of Ugo Gussalli Beretta. His sons, Franco and Pietro, help him run the
operations as well. Ugo is a direct descendant of Bartolomeo who was the
original owner of Baretta. This family has expanded into the international
market selling their products in all of the major markets around the world.
If you are in the business for a new firearm, Beretta firearms is the way to go.
Their quality, legacy, and rich history simply cannot be matched. Buy a Beretta
today and walk away feeling proud of your purchase. You can rest easy knowing
that you own a quality firearm manufactured by one of the oldest and most
respected firearm companies in the world.

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