The Benefits of a Beretta Firearm

Beretta Firearms can
be useful for many different purposes

Beretta firearms are
one of the leading manufacturers of firearms alike in the world today. They
have built a legacy that dates back 500 years ago on the first day they began
producing efficient firearms for all the world to enjoy. Whether you are a
policeman, in the army, a hunter, a target shooter, or if you want to have a
gun for defense purposes, Beretta Firearms is for you and can satisfy all of
your needs.
You don’t have to be in the military, police force, or any
other related field to own a Beretta
Firearm. Beretta Firearms
are also for those gun enthusiasts who enjoy
hunting and sight shooting. The following is a range of the different types of
firearms Beretta manufactures: hunting rifles, side-by-side shotguns,
over-and-under shotguns, express rifles, lever-and-bolt-action rifles, assault
rifles, and semi-automatic pistols.

Where is Beretta
firearms today.

It is amazing to me that Beretta has been in business as
long as 500 years and are still strong today. The owner of Beretta today is a
man by the name of Ugo Gussalli Beretta and also by his sons, Franco and
Pietro. It is important to point out that Ugo is a direct descendant of
Bartolomeo, the original owner of Beretta. Now that’s impressive! You don’t see
very many companies who stick to that kind of game plan. In the late 1980’s,
Beretta has acquired some domestic companies such as Benelli and Franchi as
well as some foreign companies. Beretta Firearms continues this day to be a powerful force in the firearm industry.
A very powerful and reliable hand gun from Bereatta
Beretta 96A    40 S&W
Beretta Only Firearms   
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