History note on Beretta Firearms and their beginnings

a little history note on Beretta Firearms and their beginnings.
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Just a little history note, the legacy of Beretta firearms began in the year of 1526. Bartolomeo Beretta, a
gunsmith from Gardone Val Trompia, Italy, was the man who started Beretta. One
of the most amazing facts about this company is that Beretta have always been
family owned for over 500 years and counting. I can’t think of any companies
who have been around for that long, can you? With all of their experience in
producing firearms and products relating to guns, this has to make them one of
the front runners in the firearm industry today as we know it.
Beretta firearms played
a significant role in both World War I and World War II. Their firearms and
products were supplied to the Allied forces (Italy was an Allie) in World War I
and through most of World War II until they were seized from Germany and its
Axis powers. Beretta firearms were
very destructive and were very reliable to those who had their hands on them.
Beretta firearms are
still family-owned today.
Today, the owner of Beretta is a man by the name of Ugo
Gussalli Beretta. His sons, Franco and Pietro, help him run the operations as
well. Ugo is a direct descendant of Bartolomeo who was the original owner of
Baretta. If you ask me, I would tell you that is some pretty impressive stuff!
They have expanded into the international market selling their products in all
of the major markets around the world. During their run to success, they have
acquired some domestic and foreign companies in an effort to strengthen their
powerful grasp on the firearm industry. Beretta
are one of the leaders of firearms and continue to produce
effective and affordable guns today to customers all over the world.
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