The Beretta Nano—the mean machine

The Beretta Nano—the
mean machine

This ultra-compact 9mm delivers the qualities that every
serious firearm enthusiast expects out of a handgun. While the Beretta Nano may be small in size, this makes it a lot lighter and easier to carry around.
The frame is made of a polymer shell while enclosing a heavy-gauge steel
stamping which consists of the actual firearm. Another amazing fact about this
firearm is that the Beretta Nano is so simple to shoot despite the
many functions it provides.
The Beretta Nano uses a single-stack magazine
that holds six rounds. For those who really enjoy spending a few hours at the
shooting range, this would be an excellent firearm to shoot due to the amount
of rounds it can hold. Much of your time will not be wasted by having to reload
every 10 seconds. Economically speaking, the Beretta Nano would save
you a lot of money because you wouldn’t have to purchase as much ammunition
than other handguns.

The Beretta Nano is a good firearm for first timers.

I don’t know about you, but shooting a gun for the first
time can be very intimidating. This firearm is very forgiving while still
delivering the power everyone wants. With the proper safety training and
procedures, along with a firearm that is known for its safety (Beretta Nano), shooting can turn into a life-long hobby. The Beretta Nano
offers the assurance that it will never fail unless handled incorrectly. It
rewards the shooter by helping her shoot with natural follow-through techniques
and punishes bad habits. The springs in its holster and trigger significantly
reduces any kicks or strong pulls.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter,
the Beretta Nano serves as the perfect firearm. It can be used for
other purposes other than just target shooting. There are those who use it for
self defense and for hunting as well.
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