The Beretta Storm—why it’s the perfect weapon for personal defense and for law enforcement.

The Beretta Storm—why it’s the perfect weapon forpersonal defense and for law enforcement.

The Beretta Storm is a popular choice for anyone who
wants to utilize it as a source of protection. Many of today’s Police academies
and Military Units all around the world use this firearm. What is the Beretta
? It is a semi automatic pistol that has been modified several times
over the years as to improve its performance. One of these improvements the Beretta Storm series brings to the table is a
rounded trigger guard which makes it easier to carry. Also this weapon is
significantly less heavy than the M9 series. With the many features this firearm
has, it is no wonder why so many important people use this gun.

A closer look at the Beretta Storm.

The Beretta Storm is available in 4 different
models: 1- Type F single and double-action, 2- Type C single-action only, 3-
Type D double-action only, and 4- Type G single and double-action. Unlike their
previous models, these pistols are drastically different. Its light-weight
polymer construction with steel inserts, a changeable back strap, sides that
enclose, and its unique rail are some of the major changes that distinguishes
this weapon from other pistols. One of the things that people rave about the Beretta
is that it is so easy to disassemble. This makes it easy to clean and
add special features.

The Beretta Storm can be equipped with an interchangeable,
luminescent 3 dot sight system. This tool can be used for dark, hard to see
situations. The light will last approximately for 30 minutes. This weapon would
be an excellent choice to choose from. Not only is the Beretta Storm reliable,
but it is backed with a Beretta stamp of efficiency for any type of use you
want to utilize it for.