The Versatility of the Beretta Storm

Beretta Storm is Versatile

Any gun enthusiast would easily recognize the Beretta name. Since Beretta has been in the firearm design and manufacturing business since 1526, they value their reputation and do not produce anything less than the best. The same goes for the Beretta Storm.
The Beretta Storm is a popular choice for law enforcement officials, but also for personal protection. The semi-automatic design has been modified and improved over the years in order to enhance performance and integrate new developments in technology.
The main improvement the company has integrated for this particular firearm is to change the guard into a more rounded form, making it much simpler to carry and conceal. Improvements in the gun have also included making it significantly lighter which also makes it easier to carry.

Specifics of the Beretta Storm

The Beretta Storm is available in 4 diverse models. These models include: a Type F single and double-action, Type C single-action only, and the Type G single and double action. Significant changes have been made to these models and they now feature a light-weight polymer construction, a changeable backstrap (along with other removable accessories), sides that enclose, and a unique rail. The luminescent 3-dot sight system featured on the firearm also makes it easy to use in dim or dark settings. Beretta never stops improving the quality and efficiency of their firearms, and the Beretta Storm is no exception to that.
The Beretta Storm is truly a versatile handgun. If it is suitable (and even a favorite) among law enforcement officials, it is certainly suitable for personal protection. It would only make sense to protect yourself and your family with the same firearm police officers use to protect their community. And, like always, it is backed with the Beretta name—a name that values quality, efficiency, and tradition above all else.


Beretta Storm
Beretta Storm