Beretta Storm: The Leader in Advanced Semi-Automatic Pistols

Beretta Storm: The Leader in Advanced Semi-Automatic Pistols

Like other Beretta firearms, the Beretta Storm is designed with cutting edge technology, traditional company values, and a high regard for quality. This firearm is a semi-automatic pistol that is intended to be used for personal defense and law enforcement. The Beretta Storm is constructed with a light-weight polymer and steel inserts, a fully enclosed slide, a changeable backstrap option, a rotating barrel lock, and much more. The Beretta Storm’s design is radically different from previous Beretta designs.

The Beretta Storm Design

One way that this firearm is different from previous designs is that its rounded trigger guard makes concealed carrying easier. The Beretta Storm also features a spring-loaded bar instead of a takedown pin, a doubly captive slide spring, and its self-contained assembly is completely captured by a polymer guide. Only a slight feed ramp for this firearm because the magazine holds the top round right behind the barrel’s breech. That way, the barrel fully supports the case.
Because the entire hammer unit mechanism can be removed from the Px4 without the use of special tools, the gun can be taken apart and cleaned. Along with easy accessibility, the Px4’s design is impossible to assemble incorrectly.
Another popular feature of the Beretta Storm is its interchangeable, luminescent 3-dot sight system that allows the firearm to be used in dark and low-light settings. The Picatinny rail underneath the muzzle of the gun also allows various accessories to be attached such as flashlights and laser sights. This is only one example of the versatility and endless possibilities available with this specific firearm. Others include the backstrap, the magazine release button, the slide catch, and the hammer unit mechanism.
The Beretta Storm is sized just between the full-sized and subcompact models of firearms. It features a rotating barrel (normally found in full-sized pistols), but it has a shorter grip (making it subcompact). This particular firearm is available for personal ownership and use, but is also popular among law enforcement officials.


Beretta Storm