Thinking about the Beretta PX4

Beretta px4 – Thinking about the Beretta PX4


Although the slide assembly isn’t as slick or trim as something by Smith & Wesson, it is by no means bulky and to some people it gives the gun a more sturdy appearance than the M&P. There is absolutely no rattling in the gun when shaken like a baby, but then there was a slight play in the rear of the slide when pressed to the left and right. However, I am NOT complaining. I have seen much more slacking off in the entire slide of other reliable guns. The bottom line is that this gun is wound tighter than a drum.
Unlike the glossy finish on it’s predecessor, the Cougar, the Bruniton finish on the Beretta PX4 slide is much more matted, which makes it less susceptible to fingerprints (hint, hint if you’re wary of CSI) and reflecting light. The slide’s matte finish also blends in well with the matte finish on the polymer frame giving the gun a more uniform look. The grip serrations on the front and back straps are interesting. Angled crosshatching forms a mass of tiny little pyramids that definitely create traction. The gun will not slip or slide in your hand. But, people with sensitive hands may not be happy with the rasp-like feel. That’s just what you can come to expect from Beretta px4 firearms.
There is no loaded-chamber indicator. This might have been a nice feature for some people, particularly since the barrel locks so securely into the slide that it takes over a inch of pull on the slide before the rear of a chambered cartridge is exposed. Exchanging the palms well insert isn’t easy. It required applying a large flat-blade screwdriver with a hard and steady pressure to remove the retaining clip while being particularly careful not to scratch or mar any of the gun’s surfaces.

beretta px4