The Rules of Gun Safety, as Told by the NRA, as Applied to Your New Beretta Firearms

Beretta Firearms says There are thousands of gun accidents every year

and some of them are even fatal. Should guns be illegal? No! Cars kill and maim thousands more people per year. But, to make sure you don’t become a victim (and make it look bad for everyone else who enjoys guns, follow ALL, not some of these rules, as written by the National Rifle Association (you know, the NRA).

Always keep the Beretta Firearms gun pointed in a safe direction

– this is rule numero uno in gun safety. A safe direction simply means the gun is pointed somewhere that if it magically or unintentionally fired, it wouldn’t hurt anyone or anything. Don’t just point your Beretta firearms everywhere! Use common sense! The ground is a good place to start with.
Always keep your finger away from the trigger until ready to shoot. Either rest your finger on the trigger guard or along the side of the gun. Until you are actually ready to fire, don’t even think about touching the trigger. This is how accidents occur!


Whenever you pick up a Beretta Firearms, whether it be the Beretta cx4 storm or the Beretta px4 storm, you want to immediately engage the safety device. If the Beretta Firearmshas a magazine (not the kind you read, dummy) remove it before opening the action and looking into the chamber or chambers, which should also be clear of ammunition. If you do not know how to open the action or inspect the chambers, leave the gun alone and get help from someone who does.