My Px4 Storm Made Me a Believer in Beretta WITH THE PX4 Storm

My Px4 Storm Made Me a Believer in Beretta with the PX4 Storm


It is a 9mm Beretta, and I love it so much, I can’t imagine ever using anything else. I am sure it’s because Beretta is such a great gun manufacturer and they’ve been doing it for so long—so I think the Beretta name is a big part of why my Px4 Storm is so great. It’s actually the first 9mm Beretta that I’ve ever owned…in fact, it’s the first Beretta gun I’ve owned period. I don’t know why I took so long to finally buy a Beretta. I guess I just don’t like going along with the crowd, and it seems that most gun owners I know own a 9mm Beretta, or some other type of Beretta, depending on what they use it for. As I was looking into firearms before I bought my Beretta Px4 Storm, I kept ending up back at this gun. It seemed to have everything I wanted, but I hated the fact that it was a Beretta! I felt like I was selling out! In the end, I’m so glad I let go of that silly notion and just bought the Px4 Storm. There is a reason why people buy Berettas so often—they are the best!
The Px4 Storm is so adaptable. Without compromising on ergonomics, it can be adapted to different needs and modes of operations. Of course, it also has superb reliability and performance. This 9mm Beretta is such a dream to handle! It has an accessory rail, a slide, Visible Automatic Firing Pin Block,     3-Dot Sight System, Ambidextrous Safety, External Hammer Design, Individual Size Grips, Reversible Magazine Release, Simple Field Stripping, Light Technopolymer Frame, and a unique rotating barrel and locking system. I’m so glad I finally gave up and bought this 9mm Beretta. I don’t think I’ll ever buy from another gun manufacturer. My Px4 Storm has convinced me that when it comes to firearms, buying Beretta is the only way to go!
PX4 Storm

PX4 Storm