My Collection of Beretta Firearms

Beretta Firearms – My Collection of Beretta Firearms


Yes, I collect guns, and Beretta firearms happen to be my favorite. I have always liked to shoot guns, since I was a child. My grandfather used to take me out to the firing range, and of course, as a young boy, I thought it was the best thing ever! My grandfather also owned a lot of Beretta firearms, and when he passed away, I received quite a few of them, along with my brother and father—we basically split his collection up among the three of us. I am not much of a rifle shooter, I rather enjoy shooting the Beretta pistols most. One thing that my grandfather taught me was how to be safe when shooting. Guns are fun, but can also easily kill someone—and boy, would that take all the fun out of it! Beretta firearms tend to have a lot of safety features, especially the newer ones. But even the ones that were made back in my grandfather’s day were made with technology that was far beyond that of his time. Beretta firearms have been manufactured for the past 500 years, so they are definitely advanced when you compare them to other gun manufacturers.
Like I said, my favorites are Beretta pistols. I don’t know what it is about holding a Beretta pistol in my hand, but it just feels good! I have a Beretta pocket pistol, the Model 21 Bobcat, which is a double-.22 LR caliber. That is definitely one of my favorites. Another one that I really love is the my Beretta subcompact pistol, which is the Px4 Storm. The one I have is a .40 S&W caliber, but you can also get a Px4 Storm in 9 mm. One of my other top favorite Beretta pistols is my Beretta M9 9mm. I could go on, but I’ll just leave with my top few favorites. They all have great features that I love, and I actually like switching back and forth and trying different Beretta firearms out on the firing range. Sometimes I even try out my rifles, but mostly, I stick with my Beretta pistols. I’m a pretty good marksman, too—after all the years practicing on the firing range. I’m glad I don’t work in law enforcement or the military. I wouldn’t actually want to use a gun in real life—it might take the fun
beretta firearms

beretta firearms