Many Different Types of Beretta Pistols and Handguns Available

Many Different Types of Beretta Pistols and  Handguns Available

Beretta pistols are available in five distinct categories—sub-compact, compact, full, target/plinking, and revolver. Sub-compact, semi-automatic Beretta pistols are super light and compact, yet they are as secure and reliable and their bigger, more famous relatives. Common features of these Beretta handguns are the blowback locking system and open top slide, as well as the tip-up barrel, which allows a repid inspection of the barrel and safety in reloading cartridges in the chamber. Compact Beretta handguns come from experience and technical knowledge, which Beretta has perfected over time. The compact Beretta pistol range was mainly designed for personal defense, and offers a great fire capacity as well as reliability, durability, and low maintenance.


The excellent firing capacity of these Beretta handguns is combined with their total reliability and safety, and they make the perfect combat pistol. The 92 model Beretta handguns offer a long list of qualities that make it the best in its category. There Beretta pistols simply offer an incredible combination of powerful firing, precision, safety, and reliability. Then there’s the U22 Neos semiautomatic Beretta pistols, which are single action, 22LR caliber Beretta handguns, They are designed for beginner pistol shooters, and it’s perfect for training and plinking, but can also be adapted to an advanced shooter’s needs. Finally, Beretta has the Stampede series of single action revolvers, which replicates the size, look and feel of the legendary Old West revolver, but at the same time, these Beretta pistols incorporate the most modern safety features and manufacturing materials, for which Beretta is famous.

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